Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poetry - Volume I

I try and write poetry when inspiration hits (which isn't that often), but this is a very personal untitled that one I wrote this summer. Comes from a dark place that I felt needed to be exorcised through writing this poem.

PS -- Don't expect the majority of my future posts to be like this. Most of them are just gonna be album reviews or music ramblings/rants of sorts.

Without further ado...

the dream is ebbing
silent nightmare poised to flow
leaky faucet dripping
rusty water fall
bleed newspapers dry
eschewing wisdom
contort the signs
eyes would not believe

we are running out of places to run

my hands are tied behind my head
foot glued to the gas
the illusion of a curve
i will streak unaltered
debris is the saddest nostalgia

maybe then you'll know
the meaning of tragedy
an airhole that shrinks regardless
which way you tear

money bit you harder than you knew
the gangrene stain rears its head
don't you wish you'd never spotted it
don't you wish it weren't everywhere
staring you back down until
your ambitions deflate with a whimper

don't you wish we were younger
and wish our days were less jaded
and filled with machines
wish we weren't the smut
eating this country alive

bring on the sun
god given furnace
throw your weight around the room
break up the shadowed underworld
and start the day anew

I am not afraid of your golden rays
I am no longer here

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