Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My list of the top 10 rock albums of 2008...

*Disclaimer: even though I review music regularly for The Red & Black at UGA, there are still a ton of albums that came out this year that I have yet to hear. Obviously, with the rate music is produced and released these days, it's damn near impossible to hear everything – so it should be kept in mind that this list is just the opinion of one person. All the same, a LOT of new music has passed through my ears this year, and after careful deliberation I present:


10. Shearwater – "Rook"

9. My Morning Jacket – "Evil Urges"

8. Of Montreal – "Skeletal Lamping"

7. Have a Nice Life – "Deathconsciousness"

6. Beck – "Modern Guilt"

5. Deerhunter – "Microcastle"

4. Fleet Foxes – "Fleet Foxes"

3. Sigur Rós – "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust"

2. TV on the Radio – "Dear Science"

1. Portishead – "Third"

And just for shits and giggles, here is a much shorter look at:


(although these should be of no surprise to anybody with some form of musical taste...)

3. O.A.R. – "All Sides"

2. Nickelback – "Dark Horse"

1. Hinder – "Take It to the Limit"


It's funny; I have long held Nickelback in such contempt that I've considered them unquestionably the worst rock band on the entire music scene. But I must reevaluate my stance and admit that they're actually not the worst. (And that's no compliment whatsoever to the turgid, unimaginative tripe Nickelback continue to hash out and make millions off of.) Instead, the worst bands are the myriad faceless groups of dudes who (get this) actually strive to imitate Nickelback's sound. Obviously anyone taking cues from this band is looking for inspiration to sell records rather than to make art – which is one of the saddest travesties in music I've ever heard. The most blatant culprits: Hinder, Saving Abel, and Theory of a Deadman. ATROCIOUS music, people. Music that makes me want to slice kittens in half. No joke.

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