Monday, December 15, 2008

A holiday cheerier-than-you'd-think poem

Just think about it before assuming it's dark in nature... that's all I ask.

Christmas Presents

They wrapped me in trees and snowflakes
and garnished with ribbon

though the moonlight pierced
a slat of ivory lead
and I breathed
and the beltway rattled beneath

they forgot to close the drapes on me

what good is
scattered thought
coalescing into weak clouds
that passionately reach
and idly disperse

to grow complacent with the designs
dazzling distractions
that grow and fill the iris

I'd love to listen
but it's easier just to hear

passion reached its zenith
overflowed its glass
with droplets of a subdued
that fit snugly around the waist

or learn to prize
cramped quarters
and mold the mind into polished clay
sandpapered down
absolved of inconsistency

and harbor fear
of chance in a world
without walls

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